“Marriage is for idiots and Ambanis.” a blasting piece by Faraz Talat


“Weekly reminder for the Shaadi season:

Marriage is an unnatural, patriarchal institution that exists to reinforce oppressive caste, sectarian, religious, and class boundaries. To ensure that Sunnis marry Sunnis, Shias marry Shias, doctors marry doctors, and darzis marry darzis.

Love is anarchic and disregards boundaries, which is why it’s frequently dismissed as a “foolish” act.

Marriage is for idiots and Ambanis.

Don’t get married. You’ll find biryani on other occasions.”
– Faraz Talat

“To all the aching toes I’ve stepped on with my “Marriage-is-for-idiots” status, I offer the following non-apology:

It’s provocative generalization, yes, but no more than what’s routinely used to describe lovers. Love is stupid, crazy, irrational, foolish. Ishq jhoot. Ishq bemari. Ishq kambakhq, kameena, kutta…

But it’s not acceptable to say the same about ‘izzat-dar’ institutions like marriage. Generalizations are tolerated only if they’re aimed at those with less power; the odd-balls and misfits.

Generalizations aren’t for you educated, respectable people marrying your cousins in lavish bejeweled weddings in glittering marquees. Generalizations are for those who defy the established order of things, and engage in “pagalpan” that your uncles and aunties don’t approve of.

The same way that it’s okay for parhay-likhay people to complain endlessly about the ‘beggar mafia’, ‘pathan chor’, and how over-clever and unreliable kaam-waalis are these days. It’s not okay to make “generalized” statements like “men are trash”, “rich people are scum” or “marriage is for idiots”, because then you’re mocking the established patriarchal/capitalist/heteronormative order instead of laughing at the marginalized.

Marriage is for idiots and Ambanis.”
– Faraz Talat


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