After Zaeem Qadri another PMLN leader quits party due to Hamza Shehbaz’s attitude


After Zaeem Qadri, who left the party just before elections due to ‘bad’ and stubborn attitude of Hamza Shehbaz, another PML-N leader, deputy mayor of Lahore quit the party on Monday after exchange of harsh words with its leader Hamza Shahbaz. The incident took place in Model Town party secretariat where Lahore Deputy Mayor Wasim Qadir exchanged harsh words with Hamza, also the opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, over award of ticket for a vacant Councillor seat.

Hamza reportedly hurled a water bottle at Qadir for arguing over the matter, which he returned. In anguish, Hamza expelled him from the party. Talking to reporters after the incident, Mr. Qadir said he could not bear more humiliation at the hands of Hamza and decided to quit the PML-N.

He said he had taken no perks from the PML-N in the past. “Hamza had refused to award councillor’s ticket to a dedicated party worker to which I had protested,” he said, adding that he had a great regard for Nawaz Sharif and his love for him would not diminish.

He further said he would decide joining any other party later. Hamza was not available for his comment.

Courtesy: Rava Video


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