Wastage of tax payer’s money: No difference between #PuranaPakistan and #NayaPakistan?


We agree on this that a new administration isn’t some magical overnight cure. It takes genuine leadership and time. And it does mistakes too. We request the current administration to focus on their big targets, get out of their way and facilitate their ability to do their jobs. No one is perfect but this PTI government is way better and we’ll jump on the hate wagon as necessary AFTER they have been given time to do their job.

This 1st case in this regard is a teaser quarter page ad and then a full page ad on next page. These luxuries we can’t bear in this PTI government. We always criticized PMLN for using people’s tax money is their self projection ads. A good quarter page ad could do the best job in this regard but seems the media team, headed by Senator Faisal Javed Khan is following the foot steps of PMLN’s media strategy. PTI supporters and all on social media are badly criticizing this ‘wastage’ of people’s money. Following are some of the comments:

Dr. Farhan Virk (PTI Social Media Team Member):

جب اپنے لوگوں کو فراموش کر کے نواز لیگ کے بیوروکریٹس کے حوالے میڈیا کیمپین کی جائے گے تو وہی ہوگا جو پہلے شہباز شریف کے دور میں ہوتا تھا. اس اشتہار کو دیکھ کر مجھے افسوس بھی ہوا اور تکلیف بھی.

Salman Masood (RD, The Nation):

This advertisement would have been better if there was no repetition in headlines

Furqan Butt:

What kind of pathetic one is this ad from from this money you could have done better maybe you would have given it to dam fund

Touseef Khan:

Looks like Opposition has published this advertisement against Govt. What the hell is this ? 😂

Umar Cheema (The News, Reporter)

ہم مصروف تھے بیان بازی میں۔۔۔ثبوت حاضر ہے



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