Viral video regarding Pakistani student beaten to death is a Fake News


Recently a video went viral on social media, speculating a man being beaten by his Chinese girlfriend’s father and brother. The video spread like wildfire and as is usual with viral videos, people began commenting and spreading it without knowing the facts.

The post read: “China: Pakistani student Osama (University: Shanyang) killed in public by the father and brother of the girl he was dating. This is 2nd such case, foreigners are definitely not safe in China. Any word on it?”

Media Bites reached out to the Ex-Chinese ambassador, a true friend of Pakistan, Mr. Lijian Zhao. He personally investigated the incident and sought the truth. He shared that there was a death of a Pakistani student, but it was by suicide, and the video that went viral was in fact a video of a fight that took place in Quanzhou, not Beijing.

All people involved are Chinese. The man lying on the ground is the husband who attacked two brothers of his wife with a knife. The two brothers were trying to restrain him. No one was murdered.

Regarding Usama Ahmad Khan’s death, the Ex-Chinese Ambassador tweeted: “I regret to learn about death of Usama Ahmad Khan. According to police, he committed suicide by drowning in a river due to personal reasons. This was recognized by his family &Pakistan Embassy official. He sent a message before his death, ‘please forgive me everyone’. May he RIP.”

This affirms that the whole ordeal was just a matter of propaganda and fake news. We are thankful to Mr. Zhao for bringing the truth out in front of the public, his actions have curbed the fake news which has recently been poisoning reporting and journalism. It is the duty of media outlets to stop spreading sensationalism and prevent the spread of fake news.


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