TECH BITES: The Flagship Killer 2.0?


The OnePlus 6T, the revamped version of the earlier released OnePlus 6, is out, and as expected it is definitely worth the Approx. Rs, 68,000 price tag which is the same starting price as the OnePlus6.

Most of the OnePlus 6T is the same as the OnePlus 6, which means it is an extremely solid and well optimized phone, and they made it even better with a few incremental, albeit worthwhile changes which have taken the phone up a notch – pun intended, since the new affordable flagship killer is embellished by a tear-drop notch which is smaller than its predecessor.

The internal hardware within the OnePlus 6T remains almost identical to the 6. So, you get the Snapdragon 845, 6GB or 8GB RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of non-expandable storage.

Now, the changes. Featuring a slightly larger, 6.41” Optic AMOLED screen, the OnePlus 6T’s most innovative upgrade in this iteration is the in-display fingerprint scanner. The increased battery from 3300mAh to 3700mAh comes with a cost: No more 3.5mm headphone jack, but the phone does come with a USB type C to 3.5mm jack converter in the box.

Although the in-display fingerprint scanner isn’t as quick as the rear fingerprint scanner in the OnePlus 6, it is a step in the right direction. There will undoubtedly be more brands that will follow suit in the near future and adopt this technology. The OnePlus 6T runs the OxygenOS on top of Android 9.0, which makes it one of the fastest and smoothest android phones out there.

Considering the 6T offers top of the line hardware with a premium look and innovative design, all within the Approx. Rs. 68,000 price tag, it definitely deserves the Flagship Killer title and is worth the buy.


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