Sheikh Umer Rasheed promoted to Head of Buying Mediacom, GroupM


Sheikh Umer Rasheed, previously the Senior Manager Buying for Mediacom has been promoted to Head of Buying; certainly a big achievement for the dynamic and down to earth professional.

Umer Started his career from Mindshare Research and majorly worked on Unilever Inflation working & Pepsi KPi’s and his reporting tenure was from 2009 to 2012. He was then shifted to the post of Manager Media Buying at GroupM and continued to do excellent work in the department till 2013. From 2013 onward moved to other GroupM agency named MEC in Buying & Trading department. In 2015 he got promoted as Lead Buyer on all MEC Clients.

In 2018 globally MEC disclosed their operations and then Mediacom Pakistan was officially launched in Pakistan, in 2018 along with retaining all existing clients, majorly Colgate Palmolive, Shan Foods, MCDonalds, Chevron, Royal Fan, Khaadi and others. Recently Mediacom convincingly won the business of Haleeb Foods from Lahore market.

His hard work, positive nature and dedication proved to be great assets and helped him ascend the corporate ladder as he was promoted to Senior Manager Media Buying Mediacom, GroupM. In his new role as Head of Media Buying Mediacom, GroupM, he will focus more on ‘Business Development’.

Mediabites team wishes Sheikh Umer Rasheed the best of luck for his new, well deserved promotion.


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