PTI government introduces new policy for Newspaper, TV Channel and Digital advertisements.


All government advertisements will now be handled by Press Information Department (PID).
All Ministries, Divisions and Corporations under the Federal government will now only be able to give out advertisements through the PID.

The 25% quota of local newspapers has been abolished and three categories of newspapers have been set. Now, no political party will give out advertisements using public funds. The policy related to TV channel advertisements will be applied 30 days after the federal committee reaches a decision. PEMRA will decide which agency to use to calculate ratings of TV channels.

The Government has prepared the draft print, electronic and digital advertisement policy 2018; which will serve to regulate advertisements that the government gives out to media outlets.

A supervisory committee has also been recommended as part of the policy. The committee would consist of 5 members, including the committee chairman, chairman principle information officer (PIO), DG Internal Publicity, DJ Electronic Media and Publishing, DG Cyber wing and DG Home Publicity.

Ads will be categorized into 2 types: Non-Campaign ads and Display ads.
Non-Campaign ads will include public notices, vacancies and government tenders. The method of selecting and giving out ads will not differ much from the current policies.

For Display ads, all government agencies, departments, divisions and corporations will give out promotional ads only through the Press Information Department (PID). No department or division of the government will be allowed to hire or procure ads through any advertising agencies.

PID will be provided the budget of any and all ad campaigns and will determine the number and names of newspapers and TV channels to which ads will be given out. The new policy has also presented guidelines related to online and social media advertisement. No public funds will be used for any ads or communications, therefore no political party in power, an individual member of the party or even a parliament member would be able to use their name in advertisements.


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