MEDIA LAYOFFS: Rising unrest among media workers as protests ramp up across Pakistan


Employees who have been deprived of salaries for months upon months and others who were even fired from their jobs came out in protest against the Pakistani Media groups.

However, there seems to be no coverage of these protests on any TV channels, not even a single anchor has covered the layoffs and extreme delays in salaries of media workers., probably because they are the ones these fired workers are protesting against.

Anchors being paid 2 to 7 million a month are secure in their jobs whereas numerous employees with salaries ranging from 45 thousand to 125 thousand have been fired, and others have been facing delays in salaries for months.

Channels have been urged to cap salaries for anchors at 1 million as this will lead to saving hundreds of jobs in the media industry, saving families from financial crises. These protests portray the sad affairs of the Pakistani media workers and the plights they are facing.


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