Could capping Anchors’ salaries to 10 Lac per month save hundreds of media worker’s jobs?


Do Anchors possess the solution to problems of the Media?

For the past few days there has been a constant state of unrest in the Pakistani Media. There have been hundreds of media workers that have been fired from their jobs from large Media Groups. The saddening part is that most of the people that were let go of their jobs had an income which was lesser than 1 lac rupees.

In the past week I have spoken to many of those people about this subject, most of which had their incomes blocked in recent times. Believe me, their financial situations are so delicate that you would have goosebumps if you knew what they are going through. School fees of their children haven’t been paid for several months, electricity and other billings are being paid in installments, and the last time they had mutton was on Eid. However, owners of these Media Groups haven’t taken these issues seriously. Curses from these media workers must surely be bad for business. In these meetings, some workers, under anonymity, suggested a few solutions to these problems:

Talk shows that run from 7-8 & 11-12 should be shut down. On average, in these two hours a news channel would be able to save 20-25 lac rupees monthly. Even if one channel saves 20 lac rupees per month, 20-30 media workers would not have needed to been fired from their jobs. Instead, in these time bands, news can be broadcast, as is done in other times.

The gist of what they meant to say is that by sacrificing two anchorpersons, they would prevent the income of 30 households from being shut down. Another opinion was that there should be a pay-cut in the income of Prime Time anchors, and there should be a maximum salary limit of 10 lac rupees. Therefore, no media workers of any channel would have to lose their jobs.


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