Black Day for #daraz. Millions spent on advertising but infrastructure was once again ‘ignored’


For the past few years Daraz has made a name for itself in Pakistani Online sales, gaining numerous customers’ trust when utilizing discounts. Daraz successfully earned its credibility regarding sales and discounts and even though other competitors rose in the markets, they could not replicate Daraz’s shining success.

I, myself have ordered and saved money in discounts from Daraz during its annual sales in the past two years. The products I ordered in 2016 were of great quality and the online shopping experience was commendable as well. However, in 2017, the experience was not as good as it should have been; some of the products I purchased had issues with the sizes, which can be compromised upon, while others were of extremely poor quality altogether.

Earlier this year in May, the Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba acquired Daraz in the country’s first big tech-deal. This year, Daraz ran an impressive campaign for its 11/11 sale, compelling me to check it out and shop online again. So, last night after 12, my wife and I opened up Daraz’s app on our phones. Initially, it took us almost 90 minutes to open the app and then struggle started.

After struggling to find anything worth buying for an hour, my wife turned her phone off and slept, while I continued to surf the app for two hours, but to my disappointment, those two hours were a complete waste; there was not even a single deal that was worth ordering. After checking up on social media in the morning and finding dozens of complaints regarding Daraz’s deals, I realized Daraz had lost its magic.

People were showing their displeasure on Social Media over this ”poorly” managed annual Sale.

“What a disaster for . Apparently millions spent on advertising but infrastructure was once again ignored. The website/app is down for the past 1 hour.”Fatima Rizwan

Despite the fact that has been acquired by , it has again failed us on a so called 11:11 sale day. The App and website have crashed right when the clock struck 12am in the midnight, when the sale was to go live. What a shame!  Awais Bajwa

”Like everytime, another absolutely worst experience with . Can’t understand what was the actual discount and even can’t run the voucher code which was sent by daraz. No to 11-11!  ” Musaf Hanif

”People buying from #11:11 are a lost hope for humanity.” Saleem B.


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