Another round of layoffs at Dunya News


Another five top executives working in Marketing/Sales, Distribution, News and Finance of Dunya News have been laid off, according to multiple sources.

While the sales team is considered to be the primary source of earning of any news channel, they weren’t spared from the apparent lay-off spree as Ali Muhammad Ihsan, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing, and Aiman Riaz, Manager Sales & Marketing were fired as well.

The extent of visibility and reach of any news channel depends on the Distribution department, which is lead by the Distribution head. Mr. Fida Naqvi, Distribution Head of Dunya TV has also resigned.

It seems as if transmission executives are the newest casualty of the ongoing Media Industry crisis since the seasoned, experienced Transmission Head, Mr. Ijaz Rahi also lost his job. As per reliable sources the CFO of Dunya News, Mr. Imran Sohail has also said good bye to the channel.

This might have been the biggest blow any news channel has faced in this recent crisis. Undoubtedly Dunya News will feel the extent of the damage too.


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