TUC TROPHY: Bad branding falling to a new low


The trophy unveiled for the Pakistan-Australia T20I series caught the attention of many. But does it take the biscuit when it comes to cricket trophies?

Unsurprisingly, once the photos of the trophy hit social media, there was an outpouring of hilarity. Even the official account for the International Cricket Council scoffed at the new-look award. Sharing photos on its account, it wrote: “Giving taking the biscuit a whole new meaning.” But the ICC wasn’t done there. It followed with another photo of the biscuit trophy compared to its own; the ICC Champions Trophy. “You vs the trophy she told you not to worry about,” it wrote as the caption.

The T20I series between Australia and Pakistan has been sponsored by cracker company TUC. Social media is going ‘nuts’ over this ‘Cracker Trophy joke by PCB. People are asking who approved this trophy design? They want to fire all the dull brains from PCB and client side who approved this idea. Following are some of the interesting comments:

What a disgrace @TheRealPCB!! That trophy is a joke! Shame on you! #Tuc #LU

EAT IT or WIN IT? A Biscuit Shaped Trophy for Australia vs Pakistan T20 Series as Biscuit Brand ‘TUC’ is Sponsor!

Halki phulki trophy per #halkaphulkatuc

Thank God, the sponsor was not “saathi”. Seriously WTF
Talk about bad branding falling to a new low. What the #Tuc?
– Uhm seriously? This is branding taken to a whole new (read dense) level. What the #Tuc?


Vote – The most bizarre trophy in cricket

And I don’t think #TUC would’ve wanted anything else. That’s a perfect marketing strategy move.

Iss Trophy ka mazaaq nahin agar uraa tha ICC (or anyone) toh it would be dereliction of duty. I mean look at it. It’s a biscuit for god’s sake.

Can’t believe these tweets were posted by ICC. Ridiculing a trophy design by the sport’s governing body is totally unacceptable. I hope PCB takes up this matter with ICC.

But bro come on. It’s the worst trophy I’ve seen. Even that plastic one in our villages are better


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