That’s all folks! Waqt News is Dead


Nawa-i-Waqt, Pakistan’s prominent and top-notch newspaper and late Majeed Nizami’s dream media group’s media empire is in hot waters these days. Nawa-i-Waqt’s baby news channel ‘Waqt News’ is no more. As some resources are claiming that all the employees related to the Waqt News have been fired and all ‘Waqt’ offices are shut-down.

Waqt News made many attempts to become the 1st-tier news channel but due to non-seriousness of top management and non-professionalism towards the ‘news’ business they couldn’t make it possible to run the operations. Waqt was launched in times when our industry was really looking for new news channels and there was a big gap after the popularity of Geo News, but sadly, Waqt News was not on the right path from the day one.

Management wanted to run it like they were running the Newspaper, Nawa-i-Waqt, without understanding the dynamics of a News channel. Day by day Waqt News was falling in financial crisis and since last so many years management was inducting finances in TV channel from Newspaper business. Due to which, group’s financial crisis was piling up, so shutting down the news channel was the only option remaining.


Few weeks back, Waqt News downsized its staff, and the local journalists called an economic crisis behind these layoffs, but it later sacked all of its employees after succumbing to these problems, even fired their Prime Time host ‘Mati-ullah-Jan’.

Many media houses are in crisis these days due to closure of Government Ads and sadly it’s difficult to understand how did they make their feasibility before launching the TV channels. Was they just launching a business set-up relying on Government Business? Waqt group is a media group and is in this business since last so many decades, i cant digest where did they go wrong before making a work-able model for the Waqt News.

Our sympathies are with the employees ‘Sacked’ as we are worried that this will create a serious threat to their family lives.



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