”Israel aircraft in Pakistan” – Israeli journalist gives details behind the mystery plane. Meantime, Govt responds to opposition’s uproar


A tweet from a Israeli journalist that an aircraft flew from Tel Aviv to Islamabad has  sparked a storm of rumors on social media in Pakistan.

According to BBC the  plane was not registered in Israel and it actually flew from Amman.

Avi Scharf, editor of Israeli newspaper Haaretz who first tweeted about the alleged arrival of the aircraft, said the plane did not  directly fly from the Israeli capital into Islamabad.

In his recent tweet, he explains further:

1/ As my previous post caused uproar in Pakistan, here R all the details i have, and have NOT. Please follow: Bizjet M-ULTI tracked dep TLV (23Oct, 2000 UTC) , hopped Amman, got new sqwk 0757, then over Saudi arabia, and lost track Gulf of Oman (23:00) Sqwk 0757 type: Glex XRS

2/ Re-appeared (24Oct, 00:40 UTC) descending into Islamabad, still sqwk 0757 and type. Desc to 20K feet, and then lost track again After 10 hours (11:20 UTC), re-appeared heading SW from Islamabad, continued same track back to Amman, then TLV

3/ I DONT know who OWNS it (“Multibird Overseas Ltd” in isle of man), or who FLEW on it ■ I DONT have 100% confirm landed Islamabad, because it lost track (not enought flightradar24 receivers there) ■ However, no reason to desc 40K to 20K if continuing north to Kashmir.

4/ or China. Mountains very high there (15K+) ■ And it has NO relation WHATSOEVER to Netanyahu flight to Oman on Oct25th Tnx for following!! Have a great weekend!!

The BBC quoted him as saying that after taking off from Israel the plane landed in Amman and after a gap of 5 minutes it took off for Islamabad.

Scharf claimed plane visited Islamabad on October 24.

Quoting the BBC report, PMLN leader Ahsan Iqbal took to Twitter and sought explanation from the government.

Responding to Iqbal, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry asked him not to worry as Pakistan was in the safe hands.

“The fact is that neither Imran is a Nawaz Sharif nor he has a fake Aristotle like you in his cabinet. We will neither hold secret talks with Modi nor Israel,” he wrote in Urdu.



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