Is Dalda campign, mothers of Pakistan promoting obesity, over weight, and child neglect in Pakistan?


I have a concern regards mothers of Pakistan, a Dalda campaign running successfully. My concern is that we cannot support and promote obesity or overweight. Overweight is the reason for multiple health issues. Obesity is emerging as a global challenge, which is one of the primary reasons for various diseases, and mortality. It is primarily related to hypertension, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and hyperlipidemia. Not only health, but obesity also has a negative impact on liver, heart, arteries, kidney, gall bladder, joints, skin, pancreas, breasts, digestion, sweating, and breathing, etc. Moreover, it has an adverse physiological and emotional impact. As life expectancy increases with time, obesity is leading to increased disability.

The sharp increase in obesity ratio is alarming in all ages, but in children, and adolescent has shown a phenomenal increase during the last few decades. The trend is obvious globally, but more visible in the developed countries. In the developed countries the childhood obesity is emerging as an epidemic. Pakistan is the 9th most obese nation in the world. 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, in Pakistan 20.8% of the population is overweight and 4.8% is obese. Therefore, it is fair to say that overweight, and obesity is becoming an epidemic in the country, which needs attention, and proactive action.

Child neglect is broadly defined as the failure to provide necessary care or caregivers to seek the same, which places a child at risk or danger of a serious harm. The childhood obesity and overweight can be interpreted as neglect when the child is not provided with the needed medical care, fails to control their child’s behavior, or fail to seek the medical as an when needed, which may place the child at a risk of serious harm, including death. Therefore, we should not take it lightly. Obesity and overweight cannot be accepted as part of life. The mothers should be focused, be concerned, and conscious about their children weight both girls and boys.


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