Hadiqa Kiani’s Warning: Stop shaming single mothers


Award-winning Pakistani vocalist and humanitarian Hadiqa Kiani, who adopted a child as her son in 2005 from the Edhi Foundation after the 2005 earthquake, as of late got out the individuals who recommend her to get married for her son.

Taking to Instagram, Hadiqa shared a string of stories in which she requested that her followers regard single guardians and their parenting capabilities and not compel them into connections they are not inspired by.

“Something I find in my inbox a ton that I’m sure many women experience in our society as well,” Hadiqa started, before continuing to share the screenshot of a message sent to her by a man.

“Hi, Hadiqa. I need to marry you, I know you have a child,” read the message.

Sharing her thoughts on the message, Hadiqa expressed, “The thought that the single parent is a casualty requiring your pity or love is beyond me. The way that men like this imagine I, or any lady, is edgy for marriage since she has a child is appalling.”

“Having a kid isn’t an inability. Its a respect and a benefit,” she stated.

Hadiqa additionally called for individuals to “quit disgracing separated, widowed and isolated ladies.”

“Quit utilizing the offspring of a lady as an approach to sentiment her or as an approach to compel her into a relationship since this general public influences it to appear that single parents aren’t fit for bringing up kids without anyone else.”

To every one of the ladies perusing this, Kiani stated, “You must energize and elevate your kindred ladies, not pass judgment on her or power her into a relationship only for the purpose on a relationship.”

Reviewing her own experiences, Hadiqa shared, “When I embraced, I was told by numerous that it would destroy my chances of remarrying. I know other ladies who have been annoyed by relatives and individuals in our general public. Being informed that they should discover a dad for their children.”

She said that however “stunning men” were available in the general public, “there are evil men who exploit a single parent’s kids. Similar relatives who instruct you to remarry never appear to say those men.”

Hadiqa elaborated that her explanation behind saying the majority of this was to advise individuals to “regard the single parent’s capacities as a parent.”

Reacting to all those followers so sent the 44-year-old vocalist messages of support and encouragement, Kiani stated, “I cherish every one of you who are reacting at this moment.”

However, she said that such messages don’t trouble her much since she has a vocation and a family which has enabled her to avoid such individuals. In any case, her motivation for composing this was to enable the individuals who to don’t have an emotionally supportive network.

Tending to the separated, widowed and isolated ladies, Kiani kept in touch with, “You are solid and proficient.”

“To the offspring of such inconceivable ladies, you are the reasons your mom has lived. Make her pleased.”

“To the men who are thoughtful and virtuous, keep sparkling and spread your approaches to your sibling.”

She signed off saying, “Let’s make this world better.”


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