BOL News employees call off protest, live transmission resumes, Chairman shows displeasure


BOL News resumed its live transmission Thursday evening after CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh assured payment of salaries to protesting employees if they returned to work.

There was no live transmission of BOL for more than three days as workers took over the studios and newsroom, upset over inordinate delay in disbursement of five-month pays.

But when Shaikh addressed the staff members Thursday, he was able to persuade most of them to resume work.

Some inside resources disclosed this to Journalism Pakistan that the CEO expressed his displeasure over the way the employees quit work to disrupt transmission.

He announced immediate disbursement of pay to those staff members who stayed away from the protest.

Those who did protest were told to make up their minds if they wanted to stay or leave. If they opted to quit all their dues would be cleared, Shaikh assured them. However, in case they wanted to stay on, they would get paid soon.


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