Advertising Agencies laying off their staff from Islamabad offices

Kicked Out

As the Pakistani economy continues its malaise, layoffs have occurred in many sectors — and the residual effects are now being felt by media and advertising agencies.

Agencies famous for doing Government business, based in Islamabad laying off employees due to lower work demand from Government clients. Sources say that several media houses with close ties to the troubled Federal Government business also have implemented cutbacks recently. Midas Communications, which handles most of the ministries recently cut 23 jobs to account for the loss of government business activity; Channel 7, which also has access in govt business, laid off a small percentage of its workforce. Interlink and MCom also let some people go.

The second source of advertising in Islamabad is the NGO sector, and the government has issued the notice to 18 NGOs to wind up their operations within 60 days. This is also one of the big reason that Ad agencies are laying off their staff from Islamabad offices.


**The above-mentioned ad agencies can share their POV on this layoff issue and will publish on our website un-edited.


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