Abid Abdullah joins Interflow Group as their Group Chief Operating Officer (GCOO)


Abid Abdullah joins Interflow Group as their Group Chief Operating Officer.

He is working as a Media Master since more than two decades, under a roof of storms.. even; can’t let his courage down as he is habitual of making storms to stay calm!

He has been working as a strategy maker both operational as well as functional with taking care of exceptional communication skills. He believes in BOT Theory (i.e. Build, Operate & Transfer), and his career profile is an open secret of it. Whether it’s on the part of Jang group & Geo TV Network, Daily Express & Express TV Network or on the part of Jehan Media Group. He not only believes in graft the routine tasks, but he has a strong faith in building new and updated platforms to work upon.

In media, the urge of the revolutions is as common as that of a routine task of a professional man. Therefore, his strategies are a crystal clear example of what his visions are. Whether it’s working with the electronic media or print, He has gone t through the things preferable for the company’s best interest.

This time around, as the Group Chief Operating Officer, Abid Abdullah will be managing all aspects of the Advertising & TV Networks, which is truly a rare phenomenon in the Pakistani media landscape as almost all other GCOOs are directly or indirectly owners or old comrades of their respective organizations. This is indeed a sign of maturity and growth for an evolving industry as ours.

We wish Abid Abdullah the very best of luck!


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