PUBLIC BOLTEE HAI: WHAT in Gods name is this Coca Cola new commercial?


Coca-Cola launched a new TVC featuring Momia Mustehsan which seems like a ‘first cut’ with a lot of changes yet to make, it’s being badly criticized by the public. There isn’t any creativity in this ad, no expression and above all very vague link between the activities.

Ads don’t need to be a vague story or expression-less acting, in shortest time your message should be expressed impressively. But the creative team of the Ad agency for Coca-Cola couldn’t make a core link with the big brand. May our creative director get a better understanding and come up with something interesting and attention-puller.

Below is the ad, I am sure you have already seen it on TV:

Here are few comments what the public says about this commercial:

Recently Coke Studio Season 11 was not a hit compared with previous seasons and just after this weak TVC questions about the performance of the marketing department.


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