National Creative Director Blitz, Aamir A. Mallick passes away in Karachi


Very sad news – Aamir A. Mallick, national creative director of Blitz Advertising and founder of Anythink Media, sadly died in Karachi due to cardiac arrest on Saturday.

An extraordinarily talented creative specialist whose brain was equally working in left as well as right direction. He was a creative and imaginative at the same time. The mix of talents included conceptualization, art direction, graphic designing, creative writing, photography, painting, music and many more.

Mr. Mallick was one of the early pioneers in computer graphic designing and IT-based design solutions in the advertising industry in Pakistan. He has served almost all the major advertising agencies in the country and has also served the largest publishing English daily in the country.

His advertising career was well spread over three decades and several FMCG national and international brands had been associated with his creative endeavors.

People, close to Mr. Mallick showed their affection on social media in big numbers. Following are some touchy shares:

“Aamir A. Mallick (National Creative Director – #BlitzAdvertising). A truly gifted creative individual…champ in word play…exceptional copy writer!

Going to miss your daily peeks through the door and asking me… BOSS LET’S PLAN SOMETHING…AND YOU HARDLY COME TO THE CREATIVE SIDE. Didn’t know that you will leave us so early… completely shattered and shocked…RIP.

خرد مندوں کا کہنا ہے
یہ دنیا اک کھلونا ہے
بساطِ بے ثباتی ہے
تمناؤں کی گھاٹی ہے
جو خواہش کو بڑھاؤ گے
اکیلے ہوتے جاؤ گے

  • Ahsen Idrees – CEO Blitz Advertising
  • “RIP Aamir Malick …. you will be missed my friend” – Sarmad Ali (Jang Group)
  • “Very sad that hear this. May he rest in peace. Ameen” – Naila Bhatti (Ex-PCB)
  • “May his soul rest in peace” – Shahab Zuberi (Aaj TV Group)
  • “Omg. What are you saying? What happened to him? In a state of shock!” – Sunduss Amjad (Founder, The Wanderer)
  • “Sad news. Very dear friend, Creative directer Blitz, Amir Malik passed away. RIP.” Safdar Qureshi (Creative Head, Pirana Advertising)


Courtesy: Ahsen Idrees, Yasin Ansari




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