Huawei nova3 and nova3i Launch night- Bird eye view


Huawei had a big last night to launch their most awaited Nova 3 and Nova 3i.

Locate: the location was Outdoor marquee at Avari Lahore.

Timing: the timing in the invitation was 7:00 pm but the event couldn’t start before 8:30. A big turnoff for MNC for not starting the event on time. Red carpet and product display was though engaging as different celebrities were coming and speaking to media. But there was no sitting arrangement, which was making people tired. The bar of fizzy drink had a pull and almost all from the audience was taking and enjoying the drink.

After a long time, the guests were requested to take their seats and finally the event took off.

Ayesha Umar was the anchor of the night, and she initiated the show by begging pardon for her soar throat.

The entertainment industry knows that she is not a host for long format, her battle of the band is one big example, here she also did the same brief intro and invited guests with a quick pace.

The ambiance of the event was expected as once again the event was done by JB&Jaws.

It should must be said, that they are the only event management company doing corporate events for almost all the Telecom companies. That’s really a big surprise as it doesn’t usually happens that a same vendor is doing the corporate launches for all the competitors.

While entering the event area any one from could have recognized that the event management company must be JBnJaws. As now their creatives are almost same with different color schemes. Last night, miraculously, the color scheme was not blue.

Brand presentation on nova 3 and nova 3i by Marketing manager was very engaging and short. Ten on ten marks to the brand team.

Then comes Aima Baig, the brand ambassador of Huawei phones, who sung a Huawei sponsored song in a very western way, which is not at all her forte. It felt flat and couldn’t get a big applause from the audience.

Stars selfie was a good initiative by the creative of the show. Sarwat Gillani and Yasir Hussain were the only big names from Showbiz along with Aima Baig and Ayesha Umar. Yasir Hussain took the selfie with Marketing team and then with showbiz fraternity.

Everyone sat tight for the lucky draw which the management announced will be done after the dinner. Dinner was great, in outdoor lawns.

Lucky draw was done haphazardly and no one was happy on this most awaited part of the event. They just announced one winner for lucky draw and awarded a nova 3 smartphone.
The stage was very well organized, with Huawei logo and lights and overall stage presentation was phenomenal. Weldone JBnJaws!

Towards the end there was a musical performance by CALL band and that was mesmerizing, though the event managers had to control the bursting sound which didn’t feel pleasant, this has been happening in all of their events in recent past.

Inspite of all this, it was a good Huawei nova 3 and nova 3i Launch. The best features of  nova3 and nova3i are:


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