Geo News’s ‘Capital Talk’ without Hamid Mir, any difference?


Hamid Mir is one of Pakistan’s top political analyst, anchor, and columnist. He had the longest association with Jang Group especially Geo News for conducting a highly rating-puller show ‘Capital Talk’ in the prime time slot. He was the first one who started a talk show on a private news channel.

Though he did a lot of hard work to make his name but also he reached at this point after almost 16 years. People always thought of Capital Talk as Hamid Mir and this name was a signature of Hamid Mir. Hamid Mir closed his association with Geo after playing a long inning and moved to GNN. But the viewers are not that happy with the new host of Capital Talk, Muhammad Junaid.

Muhammad Junaid is a senior newscaster on Geo News and doing the main headline news since last so many years. In past, he used to switch on anchoring when an Anchor was on leave or was not well but his promotion to as an anchor for Capital Talk still yet not digested by the hardcore news.

After Effects:

Yesterday while sitting with a media strategist, Agha Nabeel was suggesting that the ratings have drastically gone down with the induction of Muhammad Junaid and even now clients want to pull their ads from Geo’s Capital Talk. Muhammad Junaid, no doubt is a young and energetic newscaster but there is a big difference in reading news and conducting a talk show.

Hamid Mir’s New Journey:

Hamid Mir has started a talk show on GNN with the title ‘Hamid Mir Show’ and slowly creating ripples in the viewership sea. But as the channel is new and has not yet grasped the desired eyeballs, Hamid Mir show will definitely take time to establish a name in Primetime.

Public Boltee hai:

We met some hard-core news lovers and asked about the pull of Hamid Mir. Following are some comments:

‘I did not notice that Hamid Mir is not doing Capital Talk; I thought he is on leave’ – Haji Riaz (Businessman)

‘Hamid Mir took a wrong decision by joining GNN as it took him almost one and a half decade to make his name as a top-rated anchor and that was due to Geo news viewership’ – Bilal Malik Communication Consultant

‘I think Hamid Mir and Geo news were equally important for each other and were synergizing the brand Capital Talk’ – Faran Syed Video blogger


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