Game of thrones: King’s sleigher might be sleighed?


Fans of the hit TV show Game of Thrones have been enthusiastically sitting tight for the last season to go on air. While there are numerous hypotheses flowing via web-based networking media on how the show would end, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – who plays Jaime Lannister – shared his own with The Huffington Post.

Proceeding from the final of season seven, it’s exceedingly likely that Jamie is traveling north with his sibling, Tyrion Lannister. Be that as it may, Nikolaj expressed, “I don’t figure you can accept that Jaime will make it up north. Without a doubt, we see him head there. Yet, you never know, he may be eaten by drahon. Or on the other hand he may very well lurch – things happen. Or then again he may discover the affection for his life and all of a sudden be like, ‘God, this is it. No more.'”

Whenever inquired as to whether Jaime will go with the “genuine romance of his life”, Brienne Tarth, Nikolaj answered, “Who knows? I don’t, well, I know how it closes however… no, I can’t remark on that.”

The 48-year-old performing artist additionally clowned about his character donning a facial hair in the up coming season. He shared, “Jaime is out and about for some time. Wherever he is going it going to require some investment, so his hair develops. He didn’t bring a trimmer this year.”

Adding to the encompassing speculations, Nikolaj included that he can’t state on the off chance that he will battle the white walkers however he owns Valyrian steel that is expected to annihilate them. He likewise proceeded with that he could have made his pass out of Valyrian steel rather than gold which would have been a sharp move.

Nikolaj specified that fans would need to keep a watch out if every one of the proprietors of Valyrian steel will unite to battle the white walkers. He told that after perusing the content of the last season, he was astounded and couldn’t think about a superior end to the story. “It was extremely fulfilling yet in addition exceptionally astonishing. It seemed well and good. It wasn’t care for one of those where the executioner is abruptly uncovered in the last demonstration.”


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