Nadeem Malik Quits Samaa. Can Mubashar Luqman pull the ‘Ratings’ of Samaa at 8pm slot?


After the exit of Hamid Mir from Geo from 8 pm opening, Geo isn’t getting the same coveted ratings, and it can be foreseen that the Samaa is also likely to face a similar fate.

Nadeem Malik an all around educated, well-mannered and quality grapple of Samaa is leaving Samaa and according to sources Mubashar Luqman will take this 8 pm opening after Nadeem Malik’s exit from Samaa.

Despite the fact that Nadeem Malik was not celebrated for rating puller or for political battles in his show however he is known for balanced and fair handling of the Political show. Each political guest constantly wanted to be part of his show. Nadeem Malik has his solid following in genuine group of onlookers, who need to have a political show with tamed discussions.

On the opposite side Mubashar Luqman is a fire brand anchor, well known for his immediate chats without any obstructions. Numerous watchers feel that the persona of Mubashar Luqman doesn’t gels-in with the brand identity of Samaa, particularly for 8 pm slot. Nowadays Mubashar Luqman is doing a show on Samaa amid 11pm slot and he is considered as a solitary player in that opening, and he is facing a mild competition from Waseem Badami. Shockingly since the joining of Mubashar Luqman to Samaa he isn’t getting that numbers which is ‘quality’ factor of Mubashar. Presently moving to 8 pm opening, how can we perceive? how can he direct his show to give tough time to Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi, Kamran Shahid and Asma Shirazi? In spite of the fact that Asma Shirazi doesn’t get that good numbers because of poor distribution of Aaj TV.

Mubasher Luqman is a Pakistani Film director, Script Writer, Book Writer, column writer and Investigative journalist. He currently works at Samaa TV, where he hosts a talk show on current affairs, titled ‘Khara Sach’.


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