Young lady raped, drugged by ‘friend’ at farmhouse in Karachi



A young lady was drugged, assaulted and subjected to attempted murder at a farmhouse close to the Gulshan-I-Maymar region of Karachi, said police authorities on Friday.

The casualty, an occupant of Landhi, had supposedly been angry with her family and went to the farmhouse with her companions, SSP Malir Munir Sheik Abbasi said.

There, the SSP stated, the young lady was offered a drugged chilly drink, which put her to rest. She was then assaulted and, when met with opposition, the charged attacker endeavored to choke her to death.

The cop said that other people who were available at the wrongdoing scene endeavored to stop the aggressor, which prompted a verbal spat.

Suspecting that the young lady had passed on, the attacker fled the scene dreading capture, said SSP Abbasi. He additionally said that police landed at the farmhouse and arrested a trio of the denounced’s companions who were still there, in spite of the fact that the young lady later told the police that they were blameless.

The girl was moved to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where her therapeutic examination affirmed her difficulty.

Sindh Inspector General Amjad Javed Salimi, following media reports of the occurrence, paid heed and coordinated the SSP Malir to outfit a definite report.

A first data report of the wrongdoing has not been enrolled yet, with police saying they would do as such in the wake of finishing up their examinations. SSP Abbasi disclosed to DawnNewsTV that assaults are being directed to guarantee the misgiving of the blamed.


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