Top positioned anchors join GNN


Gourmet News Network is thinking of another way of life as GNN, formerly known as Jaag TV. Jaag TV, an ex auxiliary of Samaa TV was assumed to be controled by Gourmet Group year back and they attempted their best to make it a fruitful one, with a similar name. Yet, as Jaag was at that point a frail establishment of Samaa, Gourmet Group connected for the name change in PEMRA. Lastly, it got the endorsements.

What’s more, they are now thinking of a mre GNN Gourmet name, which has brought numerous business victories for Gourmet Group so they are additionally attempting to bring fortune at GNNAs.

They are changing the brand name, likewise conveying some known and enormous faves to GNN.

Dunya News top reporters Salman Hassan, Samina Pasha and Shehzad Hassan have additionally joined GNN alongside AAJ television’s Najia Ashar and Maryam Farhan


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