Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 – Loaded With Humor, Laughter And Twists


There are very few sequels which receive more appreciation than their prequels, (for instance) Na Maloom Afraad was brilliant when it was released but Na Maloom Afraad 2 was not as crisp, witty and smart as its first part; ditto for Hera Pheri series from Bollywood (part one was phenomenal, unlike others). Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 is the second part of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and with the trailer, film had all the right elements to be considered as the “Winner” at the box office amongst other Eid releases in Pakistan because of multiple factors, like superb star cast, good humor and twists mentioned in the trailer. Let’s find out if JPNA 2 manages to impress its audience or not!



JPNA starts off after three (3) years from where the part one was ended. Pepe’s (Ahmed Ali Butt) brother in law, Rahat (Fahad Mustafa), invites his family and Sheikh’s (Vasay Chaudhry) family to attend his wedding in Turkey. When in Turkey, Pepe and Sheikh find out that their friend Sherry (Humayun Saeed) is in mental asylum; they rush to meet him and little did they know, the management of the asylum grants Sherry’s custody to them. Sherry is shown suicidal because of an incident which happened in his life. What happens next is the mixtures of a big fat wedding, Indo-Pak equation, double crossing and situational comedy.

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JPNA 2 is an out and out entertainer that brings smiles and laughter on audience’s faces. Everyone in the film does justice with their characters. Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa look great, and they both give some brilliant scenes to impress viewers with their talent. Humayun Saeed surprises as not only his emotional scenes are brilliant but his comical scenes are hilarious. JPNA 2 is Humayun Saaed’s one of the finest performances where he excites the audience with gusto. Fahad Mustafa looks dashing, dapper and too good in every scene. In the first half and in the climax he is simply “WOW”.

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Ahmed Ali Butt is amazing in his character and he gives major sets of laughter effortlessly. Vasay Chaudhry has some wonderful one-liners which are too funny. Sohail Ahmed is in complete form and gives a totally opposite performance in comparison with Punjab Nahi Jaoungi. Kanwaljit Singh is first-rate; he plays his part very well. Out of the female leads, it’s Sarwat Gillani who makes the most impressive appearance and her performance is excellent. Kubra Khan looks cute and Mawra Hocane is strictly okay.

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Dialogues and screenplay of JPNA 2 is the backbone of the film, it’s one of the finest comedies to come out from Pakistani Cinema. It takes the standard higher and it is very smartly written, conceived and executed. JPNA 2 is undoubtedly better than its prequel; hats off to Vasay for writing such an entertaining film. The music of the film is okay, and probably be the “not so strong” element but Tillay Waali Jooti and Behka Re are good tracks among the others.

JPNA 2 is roughly 160 – 165 minutes long roller coaster ride and it never drags, Nadeem Baig smartly handles the lengthy film with great direction and keeps on adding interesting twists and turns in the film along with some additional characters (cameos) to make it engaging and exciting for his viewers. Nadeem Baig hits the bull’s eye!


Courtesy: Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui


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