Another case of suicide in Mecca


On Friday morning, an Iraqi pilgrim submitted suicide at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, by diverting himself from the raised Kaaba circumambulation territory onto the patio where admirers were surrounding the holy building and imploring, as per Al Arabiya.

Various media reports, and in addition the representative of the Iraqi Hajj appointment, expressed that the expired 43-years of age man – known as Hussain Hameed Al Haidari and initially from Baghdad – had experienced psychological well-being issues and was battling candidly and mentally following the passing of his solitary child a couple of months prior.

Besides, the representative said that Al Haidari headed out to Mecca with his mom to perform Hajj, including that she is currently in a basic medicinal condition following her child’s suicide.

The Saudi Hajj Central Committee likewise detailed that the man was murdered in a flash upon affect, harming two different pilgrims who have since been exchanged to an adjacent wellbeing office for treatment. The purposes behind the suicide stay obscure as Saudi experts keep on investigating the episode.


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