A smudge on Islamabad the Magnificent.



In spite of the reality, Islamabad is thought to be a standout amongst the most arranged urban communities of the world, and the city seniors assert it to be a standout amongst the most wonderful and current cities of the world, there stay a few smudges not too far off of the government capital which can’t be hidden where no one will think to look.

‘Islamabad the wonderful’ has mushroom development of states and lodging social orders which need essential urban conveniences like an appropriate sewage framework, covered streets, supply of clean drinking water and gas.

Arranged just a couple of kilometers from Zero Point are found Father Colony, Salvation Army Colony, Christian Colony, Chashma Town, Iqbal Town, Raja Nizamuddin Town which include a general territory of New Sohan and has enrolled voter check of more than 4,000; where around 8-10 thousand families dwell in the midst of broken streets and sewage streaming on these streets is a photo of misery.

“It feels we are living in living in a wilderness of individuals or a remote territory of the southern Punjab, which we regularly tune in about them because of absence of offices there,” said UC 21 Chairman Malik Amir Hussain where these provinces are arranged.

There are 83 sections of Christian people group and 13 mosques in the zone.

Malik Naseer Kiani, a resigned government worker living in the zone had an alternate perspective of the circumstance. He doubted as why the city fathers, who claim to make Islamabad the perfect and green city of the nation, neglect to comprehend that mushroom states like Father Colony, Salvation Army Colony, Christian Colony, Chashma Town, Iqbal Town, Raja Nizamuddin Town and so forth don’t grow out of earth medium-term; they were created over some stretch of time and in the event that they do not have any appropriate freedom from the specialist then why at the lead position the inhabitants of these regions were permitted to construct these homes.

“One ought not get into the discussion that these homes are based ashore saved for cultivate houses. Presently the oversight has been conferred and somebody is in charge of their foundation and further development. The inquiry is about the welfare of the inhabitants of these territories who are the two Muslims and Christians. They are people as a matter of first importance and each individual has a privilege to live decently, said Kashif Bhatti, an individual from Christian people group who works in Islamabad.

Dr GR Chishti, an inhabitant of the territory and administrator of Universal Interfaith peace Mission, an association working for advancement of interfaith congruity set up an inquiry as what the white in our national banner speaks to when the general population of New Sohan, where a greater part of families had a place with the minority network was living in such unfortunate conditions in the capital of the nation. “We are confident the guarantees made by head administrator in-holding up Imran Khan with UC Chairman Malik Amir and MCI Opposition pioneer Ali Awan will be acknowledged in letter in soul and soon,” he included.

Ahmed Ali, an inhabitant of the region, said that 90 for each penny houses in Chashma Town were on lease as their proprietors live in Rawalpindi and different regions of Islamabad because of poor living conditions.

Imparting a light note to this recorder, Jibran Masih said that even in a few examples individuals who were going to the region for visiting a family with engagement propositions returned subsequent to finding the pitiable circumstance in the town.

Regardless of what steps are taken they ought to be taken earnestly in light of the fact that the occupants of the zone are inflexible and need to pass on to the approaching government that they can comprehend Imran Khan to go abandon the seat from this voting demographic of NA-53, however in the by-decision another person from his gathering will challenge the race so they at any rate need an exertion on part of the PTI administration and nearby UC director that assets for this seepage framework are discharged in next couple of months with the goal that they can at any rate hurl a moan of help that their issues will be tended to.

Regardless of their political affiliations or whether the general population living in the zone are from minorities or Muslims; they are individuals and they merit superior to this!


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