TEEFA IN TROUBLE: Waleed Zaman just made a statement, and it’s totally unacceptable


Protestors accumulated outside the film, Teefa In Trouble, to challenge Ali Zafar’s new motion picture, as four ladies, including prominent singing symbol Meesha Shafi, have beforehand blamed him for sexual harassment.During the dissent, Waleed Zaman was seen leaving a silver screen while the protestors ask him for what valid reason he has for heading out to see the motion picture and what his perspectives on it are. In a somewhat impulsive move, Waleed derided the protestors and yelled ‘on the grounds that I bolster sexual harassment of women’ in a fairly disparaging way and was gotten on camera.

In a fizzled push to kill the circumstance, Waleed says that he was safeguarding his significant other while she was being hassled by the protesters. Be that as it may, the video obviously demonstrates nothing such happened and his significant other was not even anyplace close to the protesters. The unusual statement of regret and utilizing his better half as a shield used to secure his reputation, additionally shocked the general population. The exceptional backfire prompt him deactivating his Facebook account.

After fizzled endeavors to control the done harm, individuals are requesting an abdication of Waleed from his position  for his inhumane words on such a grave issue, as majority of his client base consists of women.

With this kept under thought one can’t resist the urge to ponder, in what capacity can someone still have the audacity to state something so dubious in an open assembly, and escape with it? What great is our instruction, and our introduction to western world, and modernization, when after each one stage forward, we’ll continue making three strides in reverse.

Will the opinion of such people, which they made public with so much courage
remain same with regards to the females of their family? or was is it just for everyone except them, just because they don’t share mutual in-heritage? We are living in the period of setting examples, so giving such individuals a chance to escape without tasting the product of the seeds they have sown ought to be extremely self-mortifying.


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