Senior Anchor Talat Hussain slams Geo News


Geo drops my program on Lohari social event and evaluation of the size and conclusion of the charged group. There was an evaluation of Mastung dread assault and the eventual fate of common and political freedoms. 12 long periods of exertion gone to squander.

Talat’s Facebook status on his displeasure:

Top Geo commentator Talat Hussain isn’t content with Geo News over his evaluation on PMLN rally. Pakistan’s best anchor once had a decent name with his un-one-sided conclusions. Yet, when he came to the highest point of his profession’s extreme then he began losing his appraisals because of his tenacious state of mind. At that point he joined distinctive diverts in a little residency; from AAJ he moved to express at that point Dawn lastly achieved Geo News.

Viewers question that when all the top anchors were in studios and very giving there analysis on the overall situation of the political scenario of Pakistan’s political landscape; why Talat Hussain was doing a beat reporter job; covering the rally? Geo’s beat reporters could give him minute to minute reporting then why was he take that decision to cover the rally on his own? Many viewers know that Talat came in to lime light with his 12-may live coverage of Karachi’s bloodiest event during Musharraf era and got fame with his onslaught reporting.


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