REVIEW: Teefa in trouble, was surprisingly not so troubling


First of all: This is essentially an audit of Teefa in trouble and not Ali Zafar’s character or individual life. Consequently, it has nothing to do with the inappropriate behavior affirmations on the on-screen character or any other person associated with the continuous case.

With that, let’s simply say that Ali Zafar has a faultless reputation particularly as a performer and vocalist. His change into acting has additionally been valued by most. Be that as it may, ability aside, the Kill Dil star was for the most part disappointing as a film performer in his Bollywood excursions. To be reasonable, very few Pakistani on-screen characters have the screen nearness or mystique to be global film stars.

In any case, Ali has covered this contention with Teefa – his much anticipated, Pakistani film made a big appearance. He conveys the film without any help as well as radiates and makes a noteworthy expansion to neighborhood silver screen.

Coordinated by Ahsan Rahim, Teefa in spins around Teefa (Ali) – a goon-cut master for Butt Sahab (Mehmood Aslam) who contracts him to capture his companion Bonzo’s (Javed Sheik) little girl Anya (Maya Ali) for his child. Teefa goes to Poland where Anya dwells thus commences the tale of the film.

Maybe the principal things one will see are the dazzling visuals. Perfectly shot by Zain Haleem, Teefa sets new guidelines for film-production in Pakistan. What’s much more critical is the way that it is an activity comic drama film. Slighting provincial silver screen’s extraordinary and cartoonish activity successions, prior endeavors incorporate Waar and Yalghaar.

Teefa emerges not on the grounds that its activity successions are better in correlation, but since they genuinely are the best activity arrangements we have found in nearby movies to date. In that, it sets another benchmark.

Ahsan regards Teefa as not some Marvel superhuman, Bollywood “bhai” or a toon who absolutely depends on luckiness. In any case, Teefa is a blend of each of the three. Indeed, even Shani Arshad’s experience score will depict him in that capacity. The character gets his own mark topic too.


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