Reham Khan’s infamous book leaked Online: Ten Most Shocking Claims (Rated PG-13)


Reham Khan’s book has been released online and while it may not be AS seriously damaging as it was previously alleged, it definitely is as scandalous as promised. Now, we’ve been able to get our hands on a copy but we can’t say with complete certainty if it’s the real thing because it’s THAT ridiculously scandalous.

So for “journalistic” purposes we decided to read the book so you don’t have to and here are the most ridiculous revelations from the book that was supposed to rock the country:

1. Reham was called “Mother” by her class fellows because she taught everyone of them about sex

She says in the book, “I educated myself about everything from conception to contraceptives to contraindications. All this knowledge was then imparted during recess to a willing audience. The girls had nicknamed me Mor (Pashto for mother). The lecture would be based on medical and accurate information, and delivered responsibly in a matter-of-fact fashion with no girly giggles.”


2. As a kid, she used to blow up condoms as balloons

She goes on to explain, “I recall taking a condom to school one day in Year 9 at the insistence of the hungry followers of my sex education class. My father used to hold free medical camps for the Afghan refugees, and I stumbled on a huge carton of condoms in his cupboard. As kids, I remember blowing them up as balloons, blissfully unaware of their intended use.”


3. She is apparently obsessed with Imran Khan, in the context of the book

The word “Imran” is allegedly mentioned for 1226 times, with “Imran Khan” having been mentioned 44 times and “Bani Gala” for 85 times. Imran Khan’s first wife, “Jemima” is mentioned for 81 times, apparently.


4. She mentions reading some ridiculously scandalous text messages from PTI’s female workers on Imran Khan’s mobile phone

In a rather controversial statement, the book allegedly states that she read the messages on Imran’s phone and as example she mentioned, “Andaleeb Abbas’s text read, “Oh come on, I will ride you so hard over and over again.”

5. The book illustrates instances of bizarre, scandalous sexting that allegedly happened between Imran Khan and some of PTI’s female workers

“The sexting was a bizarre mix of images being exchanged and bragging about sleeping with other men. One particularly shocking text was from a younger woman saved as ‘Maha Khan PTI Chakwal’, who would regularly inform him of the number of cocks she had enjoyed the night before.”


6. She mentions that Imran Khan had a preference for “male genitalia”

“I had caught my husband ‘admiring’ male genitalia through his impressive DVD collection several times. It was embarrassing to walk into the bedroom of a husband who was pleasuring himself to images of male bodies while his wife was busy cooking in the kitchen”, it is stated in the book.

7. Reham’s book allegedly mentions that she asked for a surprise wedding present from Imran and he gifted her their divorce papers

She illustrates the moment she received divorce papers in the following words, “I had asked my husband to surprise me on our wedding anniversary and he did. I finally got something out of him: His autograph on a divorce deed, worth 100 rupees and signed on the day he had signed the nikkah papers.”


8. The book alleges that Imran Khan took a cocktail of drugs every single day including cocaine

“The typical day’s cocktail”, the book allegedly says, “would generally consist of half an ecstasy tablet and one or two lumps of coke, followed by two to three sedatives at night. It wasn’t until the last month that he started hiding the dispenser in his jacket pockets.”

9. The book alleges that Imran’s eldest child is actually 34 years old

“After a few weeks of our marriage, as we discussed Tyrian, Imran casually added, “You know she isn’t the only one I have”. He grinned mischievously. “There are 5 in total, that I know of”.

“Five what?!” I gasped.

“Kids,” he laughed

“What? You have five illegitimate children! How do you know?” I asked.

“Well, the mothers told me,” he said.

“All White’s?”

“No, some are Indians. The eldest is 34 now”.”


10. Reham allegedly claims that her youngest child, Inaya, was strictly against her marriage to Imran and was bullied for her mother’s relationship in school

“It was Inaya’s emotional intelligence that shocked us right from the start. Her profound statements about life and relationships would be remarkably mature and helpful. The other two kids had mixed feelings but were generally a lot more open to the idea that it could work. Inaya was the only one of my three kids who was not keen on the idea of me remarrying. She was also vehemently against marriage to IK in particular”, the book mentions before explaining how she was bullied for her “political connections”.





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