Curious Case of Bushra Maneka and 5th Marriage of Film star Noor bukhari


Previous performing artist Noor Bukhari is known to stand out as truly newsworthy once in a while. This time around, there are bits of gossip that the famous star will be getting married once more, making it her fifth marriage.

Noor Bukhari stops showbiz, says she’s a changed lady in hijab.

In the wake of leaving the universe of showbiz around 10 months prior, Noor selected a religious life. Prior, she stood out as truly newsworthy when news of her separation with Wali Hamid Ali Khan, child of the well known established artist Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, broke. The previous on-screen character say farewell to media outlets and consume her time on earth with her nearby ones after Islamic lessons.

Gossipy tidbits about her fifth marriage were overflowing expressing that Noor is good to go to get hitched to an administration official Khawar Maneka. Khawar was before hitched to Bushra Maneka, in any case, the two separated in 2017. Bushra at that point wedded Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan prior this year. Bushra is additionally firmly identified with Noor as she was the person who helped her obtain the way to religiousness.

A month ago, Bushra and Noor were spotted performing Umrah together. The PTI administrator was additionally present in the Holy city of Makkah alongside his representatives, which incorporated Noor’s previous spouse Aoun Chaudhry also. Bits of gossip began spreading like fierce blaze when photographs of Bushra and Noor surfaced crosswise over online life. Numerous asserted that Noor was good to go to get married with Khawar after Bushra proposed her to do as such. Be that as it may, the previous performing artist has denied every such claim.

Noor said that a few people in control are running a purposeful publicity crusade against Khawar and have connected the two together. The 36-year-old is strained as she doesn’t see how her name has been related with the administration official. She clarified, “I am astounded by the intrigue that everybody is appearing in my marriage – that too with a man who is my dad’s age. How might I wed a man that is mature enough to be my dad?”

The mother of one proceeded with, “These days, at whatever point I go to any open occasion or family assembling, individuals continue partner me with Khawar and wish me fortunes for my marriage to him. I don’t comprehend why they don’t understand that the man is a ton more established than I am and I can’t be with such a man.”

Tending to concerns relating to her marriage, Noor shared, “I need to illuminate that I have no plans of getting hitched yet. Before, at whatever point I got married, I told the media and general society. I never needed to conceal it from anybody despite the fact that individuals in the showbiz business have a tendency to cover such issues.” She proceeded with that her little girl is growing up and she is more centered around her future.

Noor Bukhari dispatches YouTube channel to share religious change

The 36-year-old included, “On the off chance that anybody is keen on my marriage or my prosperity, it would be ideal if you connect my name with somebody who is youthful and reasonable rather than Khawar.” She inferred that she’s been extremely cheerful as far back as she exited media outlets. Noor doesn’t anticipate coming back to the screen except if it’s for a religious program.


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