Can Fawad Hassan Fawad’s capture turn into a ‘Panamagate’ for Shahbaz Sharif?


Previous Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s ex-guideline secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad has been captured by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Thursday [Today]. After the two and half long stretches of examination at the NAB’s base camp, he was not able give the agreeable solutions to NAB’s inquiries, which prompted his capture.

As per the sources, he made trouble with the NAB authorities, amid the examinations and debilitated them of critical results. He is as of now under NAB’s guardianship and will be introduced in the responsibility court tomorrow for legal remand.

NAB just summons people in the wake of social occasion significant verifications relating to the inclusion of the asserted guilty parties. On the off chance that it stays unsatisfied with the giveb answers, it brings about the capture.

Could NAB presently build up an association amongst Shehbaz and Fawad? Its a million dollar question. Be that as it may, given his closeness with ‘Place of Sharif’, it is a major hit to Sharif’s and could demonstrate definitive in the diversions of royal positions on July 25.

As per the NAB, he was given the survey relating to the quantity of allegations against him. In spite of taking adequately prolonged stretch of time, his reaction was considered unacceptable. Various denounced who are in NAB’s guardianship had affirmed that Fawad was specifically in charge of illicit exercises. Grab charges that these authorities are engaged with extortion, theft, debasement, and abuse of expert in the venture, bringing about loss of a large number of rupees to the administration exchequer.

NAB has blamed him [Fawad] for various illicit activities/exercises, which are following:

Ensured the Land mafia

Offers in Lahore motorway lodging plan. He was likewise the individual from the governing body in the plan.

On his demand, Ahad Cheema endorsed the Ashiana plot illicitly.

He exchanged 9-CNG station wrongfully to different urban areas.

In Ashiana Iqbal hosing social orders, he gave unlawful contracts

Pressurized SM Latif and children to end the agreement

Developed a court in Rawalpindi with illicit cash

Was utilized in a private bank illicitly

Pressurized the authorities of Punjab arrive advancement organization (PLDC)

NAB has been researching the abnormalities in the honor of the agreement of Ashiana Housing Society for quite a while. At first, he was blamed for abnormalities in the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and PLDC. He filled in as secretary to the task chief of PLDC around then of the wrongdoing and is affirmed to have utilized his power unlawfully to grant the agreement to another organization.


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