‘Another show, put up by none other than Reham Khan’

A well-known Zimbabwean Islamic priest took the opportunity, with well, almost whole of Pakistan’s twitter, to throw his amazing capabilities of sarcasm, at Imran Khan’s ex Reham Khan after she posted a facial hair wearing photograph of her on Twitter.
This stunt that the personality pulled out, did not only cause public humiliation of hers by Pakistanis on Twitter but it also invited foreigners to take part in the show.
“So a while ago I was offered to join a party. I said I might not be able to cover my face but I could grow a beard..looks rather fetching on me,” tweeted Reham Khan as she shared her edited photograph on Saturday.

In her second tweet, she expressed: “Dear PTI I am looking for someone to edit my Book cover….wanna help?”
It appears Zimbabwe’s Muti Ismail Menk, who has an excess of 3.74 million overall followers on Twitter, disapproved of her photograph and reacted to Reham on Twitter.
“I’ve never visited Pakistan and I don’t follow it’s politics but one thing I know is ilea laser clinic in Rondebosch Capetown can sort out your issue…,” Mufti Menk tweeted.
In the interim, the previous communicate writer said that her so stunt, which he referred to as ‘humor’ was misconstrued.
“My British humor is misunderstood. There are only a couple of men in my family who do not have beards. I was making a joke about my age & hormones. It’s a medical joke,” cleared up.
Reacting to Khan, the mufti said “I only noticed this “medical” humor because it was MY photo that the sister superimposed herself on to. I had no clue who she was until a few hours ago. So I responded with similar humor”.
At that point, she disclosed to the minister what drove her to post the photoshopped picture.
“A political leader was caught doing a sajda ( prostrating )at a holy shrine. I pointed out that it is wrong as we must only do sajda towards the Qibla. Since then the abuse has gone up a level. I can only smile in response. May Allah forgive them.
No. I would never dream of doing this. I am currently facing cyberbullying by a political party and they photoshop my pics to abuse & threaten me on a regular basis.
I am grateful to the political party who photoshopped my picture & I get a comment from you, sir. I am a huge admirer of your gentle preaching style. Please pray for Pakistan. We are going through a very difficult phase.”
Well, Well, the only thing we can’t help but wonder, what exactly would Mufti Menk be thinking of Pakistan, as a nation? One thing is crystal clear now; Pakistanis have managed to make an ass of themselves internationally, once again (because obviously, it’s not the first time).


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