Mahwish Arshad, a 19-years-old bus hostess, was murdered at Faisalabad Terminal. The reason given for her murder was that she refused to marry a security guard, even though he asked her more than once. CLASSIC! The teenager was the only source of income in her family.
The man who has allegedly shot and killed this girl, on June 9, was remanded into police custody for four days.
In the first investigation, that was registered in the name of girl’s late father, revealed that Umer Daraz (the culprit) also used to work with Mahwish in the previous traveling company.
Mahwish was shot to death, by Umer Daraz upon repeatedly refusing his marriage proposal. Mahwish and Umar were spotted in a video, having a heated conversation, following which Mahwish’s wrist was forcefully gripped by the security guard, an attempt to attack her during the ride was also made. The girl was shot dead, the night of the same day.
“You will see what I will do to you when you get out on the bus terminal” Umer Daraz, was heard uttering these words, on the video that was recorded.
As seen in a CCTV footage, Mahwish was climbing a building that seemed to be an old, deserted terminal, when Umer forcefully grabs her arm to make her turn around. Mahwish tried to break free from his tight grip, before he finally shot her, and left her to bleed at the steps of the building.
According to the report that was registered, Mahwish’s culprit fled the crime scene, and the teenager lost her life while undergoing treatment at a local hospital.
Such people should be given the most severe punishment in public, to set an example for those who share a similar mindset, What do you think?


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