Massive and deadly water crisis, have already started to hit Pakistan.
Reports by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has warned that the country will reach absolute water scarcity by the year 2025, and no part of Pakistan will remain immune to it.
In this scenario, waiting for authorities to take an action, is like waiting for the flood to take us away. That is exactly why we need to take matters into our own hands. The problem is that people lack awareness and the ones who read such enlightening posts, are already enlightened. More than half of our population is illiterate, and have no idea about the use of social media, let alone using it to educate themselves, that is why they need to be educated in their own language.  We need to preach as much as we can because even if we managed to save a single soul through our efforts, it will not go uncounted.


In schools, teachers should tell the young students, who in turn can preach it at their homes.
If you have a neighbor, who asks his driver to wash his car every day with a continuous water supply, tell them that a time is coming when they won’t even be able to wash themselves every day. In order to prevent that from happening, they need to start using water efficiently. There is no room for showing a selfish attitude, because when a hurricane strikes, no matter how strong you are, it will affect you.
Secondly, we (who understand how grave the problem is) should hurry up. Especially, in the southern part of our country, we can start merely with a small campaign, that can start with the collection of empty bottles, and filling them with water. Whenever we go around and see someone less privileged, we can give them the bottle, and along with it, we can sit down with them, and explain how deadly it can be for the future of them, as well as their generations. Give them the hope of survival, if they all join hands for our future. For anything that is more powerful than fear is the hope to tackle it!
Do something, no matter how little it may seem, and ask others to do the same, do not just sit idle. Let’s work together to save the water of our land so that it can save us later!


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