SAR SABZ FERTILIZERS TVC: An emotional and strong message of Women Empowerment


There are only a few ads which are executed and shot brilliantly. Yes, there are very few, especially in Pakistan. I review ads and digital video commercials. This time, I am impressed with a TVC which is emotional and at the same time gives a very strong message. The ad of Sar Sabz is amongst the finest examples of how to make an ad with apt copy-writing along with wonderful execution. The TVC banks big-time on the real element of women empowerment; after all, this is one aspect which is evident from this TVC.

Sar Sabz Fertilizers TVC – Example Of Women Empowerment

This TVC of Fatima Group's Sar Sabz is very nicely executed as it talks about #WomenEmpowerment and the bond between father and a dauther is shot realistically. Such ads about the pride of Pakistani society should be appreciated. We need more women like Rabia Sultan in #Pakistan.

Posted by MediaMagick on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

This advertisement of Sar Sabz is based on the real life personality named Rabia who is awarded by the Punjab Government in the field of Agriculture, a field and niche where it is close to impossible for women to even think about entering. Ads like these which are based on real life inspirations should be supported by masses as they are short forms of homage for the inspiration for the nation. The way the ad is executed; the shots and the creative writing both are exceptional and deserve appreciation. The entire team has done a commendable job for sure.

Apart from brand placement, this ad also highlights the bond between father and a daughter. The narration is believable and effective. The ad of Sar Sabz is an example of no-nonsense. The abundance of emotional connect in this advertisement is realistic, simple and audience can relate with it.

For those who appreciate good and meaningful ads which not only highlight the brand but also have praiseworthy storytelling and good direction, this TVC is a must watch. Advertising students and professionals should learn from such sorts of ads; it’s not easy to connect relevance, meaningfulness and brand message in a commercial ad.


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