Reham and her team have won already? No matter how dirty they played, they played to win. #MirMAK


This Is What I Think Of Reham Khans’ Book And Its Pre-Mature Leakage. #MirMak

Pakistani politics are way above intelligent moves. It is simply conniving. It has strategies but strategies to out manoeuvre the other party with damaging side effects to the society. Politics is played in Pakistan not on political moves but on manipulation of voters sentiments. The leaders know that their party supporters will stand by their every move. Defend every act. Fight with the opponents with every ounce of energy and if their energy is depleting then they will come down to insults and if insults are running out then the last resort is using religious connotations and patriotic certificates to prove the other party either anti state or morally unfit to be a Muslim.

I think PTI wanted to preempt the book of Reham Khan but what I believe in my gut, the more I think about it is that Reham Khan preempted PTI’s preemptive moves by leaking the manuscript herself. Why would she do that ?

Well, let’s look at it logically. A book of this nature will have many strategists behind its launch. It’s content. It’s timing. All the way to it’s pricing for the affordability reasons. Secondly no publishers’ legal department, specially in the West where the book is being launched from, will dare to take a chance of libel lawsuits on including any hearsay material. My publishers for my autobiography in the West have obtained every ounce of proof from me about all my claims against the culprits that I talk about. Months of going back and forth with the legal department. The manuscript, let’s not call it a book yet because it’s not published in the book form as of now, has no legal value. Nobody has published it. And the best way to see as a strategy is to leak it, see the public reaction, let the dirty stuff out into the public without any legal ramifications, leave an imprint on the minds of the people and then delete those chapters or paragraphs from the book before it’s officially launched to protect yourself from the libel lawsuits in England.

It accomplishes two goals. One: the dirt is out already and even if it is not included in the official version, people, the way our minds work, will only remember the dirty part. Two: all the lawsuits in England by PTI and the individuals named in the manuscript will have no ground to stand on. But PTI will be blamed for its preemptive moves by terming that preemptiveness as an immature move. A childish act. And that will be played by the political opponents as PTI lacking maturity.

So, everything accomplished by leaking the manuscript. Dirt out. Blames ready for political immaturity. Minds effected. Reham not including any of this stuff in the official book and claiming to her opponents that they tried to malign her. She will counter sue everybody in Pakistan because the subjects of her book live in Pakistan and cases can be dragged or manipulated in this country.

So I think, Reham and her team have won already. No matter how dirty they played, they played to win. And won they have.


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