Qarshi La Cola: People are thinking about colonizing Mars, and here’s us, creating such relatable and sensible ads. What do you think about this cancer? Let us know


In past few days, there was an ad that broke several wars on Facebook, with regards to the nature of this exceptionally peculiar ad. People cannot exactly stop talking about the irrelevancy of this commercial, which is vividly depicting, how not-so-creative are the brand managers in Pakistan.

Keeping aside the criticism, here is what happens in the ad: (here is the Ad)

A guy is shown knocking on the door, a man opens the door, who happens to be his father. The man legit shows more mood swings than a PMSing woman. Initially, he shows displeasure at the fact that his son got a new bike, followed by what seemed like a happy expression, followed by another displeased plus Angry expression.

In the next scene, some children playing video games are shown, and then the mood swingman appears out of nowhere, showing displeasure about the kids playing video games.

The third scene appears; family is drinking a black liquid (which should’ve been either coca-cola or Pepsi), the mood swingman, who I think has some sort of allergic reaction in his intestine whenever he sees someone being happy, appears, again expressing his displeasure for the drink.

However, finally, the motorcycle son spoke (who’s, in fact, the first person to speak beside the mood swingman). He told his dad that there’s nothing to be displeased about, and the drink is very ‘healthy’. There’s no astonishment that mood swing man’s expressions changed faster than the speed of light, and he became delighted.

The ad ends, with the whole family drinking the black thing, which is revealed to be ‘QARSHI’S LA COLA’



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