PTI & PMLN: Politics or Family Feuds?

In Pirmahal, politics took a somewhat peculiar round when on Thursday, late PMLN’S leaders: Makhdoom Raza’s second widow, Begum Saima Ali Raza. announced that she is withdrawing her candidature in support of her stepdaughter, Begum Makhdoomzadi Sonia Ali Raza, who is a ticketholder for PP-123
Both women were indulged in a prosecution regarding the property of late Makhdoom Raza, who was the biggest landowner of the district.
Upon the death of Ali Raza, in 2015, a by-election was held, Saima and Sonia were ambitious for PMLN ticket, but were ignored by the party as well as by another landlord Pir Qutab Ali Baba, who is also the nephew of former PM Syed Yusaf Raza Gillani. He was awarded with the PML-N ticket and won the seat.
Nomination papers were filed against Ali Baba, by both women. Saima, Although withdrew her candidature in favor of Baba, upon what was called a ‘request’. however. Sonia remained firm on contesting the by-elections as an independent candidate and managed to remain runner-up.
After Sonia was awarded a PTI ticket, Saima announced that she will take part in the elections of 25 July, again her stepdaughter. Both women carried out campaigns against each other before elders of the family came on the scene, after which they made both parties reconcile.
Although there was nothing that was heard from the women after that, but the reports claim that an agreement was made according to which Saima will support Sonia in the upcoming elections, as a result to which, Sonia would leave the 2023 elections for her stepmother.
Observations made with a political eye, also suggest that the legal actions between them will also settle, as a result of this reconciliation.


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