Police Raid in an Islamabad Dance Party: Should such pointless news become center of everyone’s attention?

Express Tribune recently posted a news about a police raid in an Islamabad Dance party, and people are losing it with mixed opinions.
In the post, it was said that a total of 16 men and women were arrested for allegedly taking part in drinking and in ‘OBSCENE ACTS’ at a public place (which in fact happened to be a private apartment).
Like any other controversial post, with a title like “SIX GIRLS among 16 booked for ‘obscene acts’ at Islamabad dance party” broke war among the readers. Afterall the party would have probably been mistaken to be a gay-strip-party if the number of girls wouldn’t have been specified.
The social media Ulemas, among whom were also the people who travel all the way to Peshawar to get their hands on cheap yet best cannabis, were outraged by the fact that such Unislamic acts are taking place in such a pious and Islamic nation.
There were also people, who were furious because they never got an invitation to any such parties, so they ended up taking out their anger by using highly-respectful words for the people who were indulged in such acts. (Ignore the fact of how much they, themselves, wanted to be a part of it)
Then there were the people who were bashed for putting some common sense into these people. They argued that such news are pointless, as there are more areas that we should focus on, rather than being that aunt of the street, who pokes her nose in everything, even if it’s not going to remotely influence the way she lives.
They even criticised the author for making such news, just to get views (and to wake up our ghairat maulvies ofcoarse!)
What do you think, who’s right, and who’s wrong? Should such pointless news become center of everyone’s attention when we have so many more problems to deal with?



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