Facebook is about to put down every business ad, that seems delusive

Facebook is known for two of its fundamental advertising policies. These policies vividly outline the condition that the ads posted must be safe for the audience it is addressing, and should also be authentic about the goods or services it is advertising about. Due to this, Facebook always had zero tolerance for ads that are misleading and ambiguous, in nature.

Consequently, Facebook is looking forward to some new policies, and in accordance to these policies, any ad that aims to promote any financial product or service, and seems to be deceptive in nature, will be banned from this platform. Some examples of such products include initial coin offerings, binary options, as well as the cryptocurrency.

” The founder of this social media, Mark Zuckerberg is directing his fingers towards the e-commerce businesses, that fails to fulfill the anticipations of its users, by selling them some low-quality products or services,”  the company representatives were reported having said, on Tuesday.

The disappointed users will now be allowed to let Facebook know about their shopping experience with any particular advertiser. By this, the victims can warn everyone else, who are thinking about experiencing what the formers have already experienced.

“We spoke with people who have purchased things from Facebook advertisers, and the two biggest frustrations we heard were that people don’t like ads that quote inaccurate shipping times or that misrepresent products,” the company said in a blog post.

Buyers will from on, be facilitated to go to their setting in order to view the certain ad, from where they have purchased a particular product, they can then fill a form comprising of questions with regards to their experience.

Facebooks will even allow the businesses behind those ads that have received the highest amount of negativity, to publicly address those who have been offended by their services. Even after doing so, the feedback from their audience does not get better, Facebook is determined to lessen the number of ads posted by such corporations. However, if the situation keeps getting worse, the Facebook will ultimately ban the company from posting any further advertisements.

Sarah Epps, the product marketing director at Facebook, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal “There are some companies that are just bad actors and we have no tolerance for that,”
“As soon as we can detect those companies, we enforce against them, but for companies that do want to improve, we want to give them that opportunity,” Epps continued.

Facebook also has claimed to quickly block business that seems to be obvious scammers

“There’s a big difference between a business that’s trying to scam a person and a business that doesn’t know how to provide a great customer experience,” Epps added further.


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