Jazz Hits Another Milestone with 55 Million Subscribers


Jazz, an increasingly reputable digital communication company, has given the nation another proud moment. It has made a firm position for itself, as a leading telecommunication company, by announcing its exceptional triumph of being a service to 55 million subscribers, all across Pakistan.

CEO, Aamir Ibrahim, was reported to have said, during the commemoration of this historical achievement, at Jazz Digital Headquarters, ” Reaching this milestone is a wonderful feeling and speaks volumes about the work the entire Jazz team puts in” “To think that every 1 out of 3 users in Pakistan is a jazz subscriber, showcases the strength of our network and puts us in a prime position to take the country to the digital age’s new echelons with innovative digital offerings.” He continued.
Beside being continually at top of the list of Pakistan’s telecommunication industries, it has also managed to obtain a noticeable position as Pakistan’s prime broadband network with more than 18 million, 3G and 4G customers.

The company also has much more to offer in its enormous record of products, services, and mobile applications, which has gained it the support of a very promising retail and the business center. In addition to all that, Jazz is the choice of many business representatives and clients, for its unmatchable service of  “roaming network”, all across the world.
Over a long journey of time, Jazz has managed to hold its attitude of a leader, with a strong grip, which has lead it to make an optimistic impression on the on-going lives of hundreds of thousands of people, all over Pakistan. In spite of big speculations in the telecommunication industries, Jazz, has also brought into its focus the widespread gap caused due to the digital divide.

As an attempt to eliminate the gulf, Jazz Super 4G was made available nationwide, with the assistance of its extensive broadband network service. Jazz realizes its leadership influence to the people of its nation, therefore, it extends its proficiency along with its capital towards those who are in need of aid, which is essential for them to succeed. It was because of this reason, that along with Jazz’s plan of sustainability, every enterprise which comes under its Foundation followed the basic theme of Youth Empowerment, with the help of technology. This is part of VEON (a group led by Jazz) which has the manifesto of ‘Make your Mark.’.


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