IQRA AZIZ: Pakistani troll makers took it to another level this time


Let it be an underage girl who spoke some wrong english words on air, or a celebrity who made some sort of a mistake, it doesn’t really matter than how insignificant the mistake may seem, pakistani troll makers are 24/7 on the go of finding such stuff just to get few likes and comments. They can literally go on any level to make their memes go viral. It lies far away from their boundaries of concern that how this can affect the life of the individual they are using to make others laugh.

This eid ul fitr, they found their victim, it was none other than beautiful and talented Iqra Aziz. These trollers did everything in their power to make fun of a minor error in Iqra Aziz’s eid make-over. Her eyebrows weren’t flawlessly blended. Obviously, she is a public figure, and clearly there’s no room for her to make any mistake, and expect her followers to let it go.

Apparently, celebrities are not humans, and there mistakes are not just mistakes, they are BREAKING NEWS.

However, we hope Iqra did not even bother reading all the jokes made about nothing but her eyebrows. On the other hand, we also anticipate that the haters got their sigh of relief.

Iqra Aziz, without doubt, is an amazingly-beautiful celebrity, then it doesn’t matter if the stylish actress is wearing makeup, or not.


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