To All The People Who Are Worried About Reham Khan’s Book by #MirMak


To All The People Who Are Worried About Reham Khan’s Book. #MirMak

Us Pakistanis are such a funny breed. In a country where the ratio of bookstores to population is the lowest in the world. Where people prefer to listen and talk based on here-say. Where buying a book is a boring expense compared to buying a phone card to talk all night. Where people hardly read the contracts that they sign and complain later that they were cheated. In a country where whatsapp messages are more important to read than the whatsapp contract they agreed to before downloading it.

Where 95% of the population has not read the constitution but will defend civil rights on Twitter. Where voters do not read their own party manifesto but read every info graphic on social media of the opposing party. Where people spent more hours forwarding “The Spy Chronicles” on whatsapp than reading even a single page.

In a country where most people think Quran was sent with the first word Bismillah instead of the word IQRA,

You think people will read Reham Khans book ? Or for that matter any book ? They will wait for one idiot friend to read it so 2000 can share his views on their social media as their own views.

Bibi Reham, wrong door wrong knock.


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