Trolls attacking Sonam Kapoor on her wedding should not be spared, What you say?


In one of the most anticipated Bollywood weddings of the year, actress Sonam Kapoor tied the knot with longtime beau Anand Ahuja in Mumbai today.
While wedding functions have been going on in full swing in the Kapoor household, few trolls seem to have nothing else to do than spew venom on this happy occasion.

Here are some of the attacks that Sonam is facing on social media and why we need to condemn them:

Trolls are calling for boycott of Sonam’s wedding as they claim she is anti-Hindu and anti-national. The same set of trolls had earlier demanded boycott of Sonam’s upcoming film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ after its trailer was launched.

They accused Sonam of “selective outrage” over barbaric gang-rape and murder of an 8-year-old Muslim girl in Kathua. Trolls alleged that Sonam would never condemn rape of Hindu victims.

We have said it before and would say it again that a heinous crime like rape should not be communalized. This case caught Bollywood’s attention because of the ghastly fashion in which it unfolded and the alleged collusion of local policemen.

Also, technically and on a lighter note, trolls can boycott her wedding only if they were invited by Kapoors in the first place.

“Sridevi just passed away a few days back. Couldn’t Sonam wait for a few more days? What was the rush to get married?” are typically some of the attacks ‘Neerja’ star faces on social media.

To these trolls, we want to ask, how many days should Sonam have waited before plunging into marriage and who decides that?

The answer to this question is very subjective and varies from person to person and family to family.

There is no doubt that Sridevi’s presence will be missed dearly by Sonam’s family during this happy occasion and there would be a feeling of emptiness inside them, but one cannot mourn her tragic demise forever. Life moves on and so should trolls.


Sonam is one of the most successful and highest-paid Bollywood actress. Despite coming from a well-off family, she worked hard to establish herself as an artist. She even runs a big production house in partnership with her sister Rhea Kapoor.

To insinuate that she would marry a person for money and not love, is hilarious.


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