State Media to Launch PTV Parliament


The government recently announced to launch two new channels in the wake of recording poor execution of all state-possessed channels. One of the two channels has just been launched by the government. Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq and Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb inaugurated the “PTV Parliament” channel, which has just begun its test transmission.


The Speaker told, at the cermony, that the reason for this channel is to impart more information to the general public about the parliament procedures. PTV Parliament will broadcast get together and bureau gatherings live once a day. Ayaz Sadiq included that understudies from various colleges were welcomed once in a while to watch the procedures too.

The government expects to create input from people in general also after this activity. The speaker included that they got a ton of proposals from the general population about election reforms. The activity will enable individuals to see how their electables bring the issues up in the parliament. The channel will overcome any issues between the general public and their chosen representatives and will help assess their execution, Aurangzeb included.


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